Bedwraps™ & Valances

If you are a style-conscious person, bed wraps and Essentials pillow cases are simply a must for you. Trouble is that with many choices in the market, selecting the right one can be challenging. But we have a simple solution for you. When in doubt, go classic! 

Linen House’s limited but effervescent selection of bedwraps and Essentials pillowcases will décor your bedroom to perfection. Match them with a pair of Linen House essential pillowcases for the picture-perfect look. Also, capture that elusive sense of comfort you long to have in your home. 

Crafted from highly durable fabric and sporting a suede look, these bedwraps are the understated fashion statement of many Aussie homes. Easy to use, our bedwraps will beautify your bedroom with our essential pillowcases and also give complete mattress protection

Combine elegance and class with our quilted bedwraps. Get one for your bedroom and one for the kids’ from our Hiccups selection. Give your home an elite sense of style.


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