Enjoy a night spent on the couch accompanied by a wool blanket that provides the most relaxing and comforting experience.

Envision yourself curling up with a woollen blanket on those lazy days off for a sensation that is sure to whisk your mind away to a place of complete harmony.

With a large selection of contemporary colours and to choose from, we are confident our range of wool blankets is truly unmatched in both appearance and quality.

Here at Linen House, we have enriched our entire range of wool blankets with quality, simplicity and style. With timeless comfort and world class construction, our wool blankets are the perfect finishing touch to any room in your home.

When shopping the entire range of wool blankets, enjoy colours inclusive of, blue, green, grey and white. With stunning textural detailing and simplistic beauty, we are confident you'll fall in love with the look and feel of this entire range.

Whether it be a light grey blanket draped over the arm of a rich coloured lounge or a vibrant green blanket placed on the end of your master bed, our wool blankets are simply the ideal choice.

At Linen House, we not only strive to give our customers the most luxurious linen and accessories on the market but the most satisfying shopping experience.

When shopping our collection of woollen blankets online, enjoy the pleasure of receiving fast and reliable shipping.

For an additional bonus, enjoy an extra $15 off your first online purchase when you sign up to our newsletter today!

To find out more about the entire range of stylish wool blankets, get in contact today.

Whether it be in store, via our online store or over the phone, we are here to help you find the perfect pieces to suit you and your home.

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  1. Electric Blanket - Quilted
    Linen House Electric Blanket - Quilted

    From $139.95

  2. Electric Blanket - Wool
    Linen House Electric Blanket - Wool

    From $199.95

  3.  Merino Wool Blanket
    Linen House Merino Wool Blanket

    From $229.95

  4. Waffle White Blanket
    Linen House Waffle White Blanket

    From $69.95

  5. Waffle Grey Blanket
    Linen House Waffle Grey Blanket

    From $89.95

  6. Waffle Mint Blanket
    Linen House Waffle Mint Blanket

    From $69.95

  7. Waffle Sea Blue Blanket
    Linen House Waffle Sea Blue Blanket

    From $69.95

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8 Items

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