Bath Sheets vs Towels: What's The Difference?

Bath Sheets vs Towels: What's The Difference?

Knowledge Base | 29 December 2019

A question we regularly hear at Linen House is, what's the difference between a bath towel and bath sheet?

It's quite simple.

The difference is their size, with bath sheets measuring larger than bath towels.

Wondering how this affects your everyday bathroom routine?

Here's a breakdown of the benefits of each size, which'll help you make the right towel purchase.

The case for bath towels.

The standard size of a Linen House bath towel is 69cm x 139cm.

Why a bath towel?

    • It's perfectly lightweight, therefore easier to maneuver when drying after a bath or shower.
    • It's less expensive to launder than a bath sheet, using less water and less detergent.
    • When it comes to wrapping wet hair, this size sits neatly without the weighty, about-to-unravel burden as you go about getting ready.
    • A family favourite, it fits both adults and children, being not too large and heavy.
    • It's far easier to store and fold if you're squeezed for space in your home. It also sits on a hook or bar neatly, even when drying.

The case for bath sheets.

The standard size of a Linen House bath sheet is 82cm x 170cm.

Why the rage over bath sheets?

    • With a generous surface area for absorption, the effort to maneuver it around when drying is considerably reduced.
    • This size wraps generously around your entire body, leaving you well covered in certain areas (particularly for those of us who pass a housemate or two down the hallway).
    • It provides much-adored luxury, especially if you offer accommodation or often have guests at your place.
    • People who are taller or larger in frame appreciate those enveloping feels that a bath towel cannot provide.
    • This size doubles as a pool or beach towel, being generous enough for lounging around on.

Now that you're across the benefits of both bath towels and bath sheets, which size are you?

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