How To Create An Earthy Interior

How To Create An Earthy Interior

Lifestyle | 7 April 2020

As we all succumb to shorter days, there's never a better time to conquer your next interior project.

And earthy elements that are warm and inviting go hand in hand with loving your home.

But how do we embrace an effortlessly cosy and down-to-earth interior style without spending a fortune?

For a start, accessories are the go.

Therese Carrodus of Full Of Grace Interiors loves to invest in a mixture of timeless accessories that can be moved around in any room at any season.

"Throws and cushions are a no-brainer where texture, fabric and colour choices are concerned."

"Look to velvets or tufted cottons as well as rich hues such as wine, plum and rust."

"If you're craving a cosy lie-in, plain-dyed linens in neutral tones work best."

"Ceramic décor makes a lovely statement. Don't limit yourself to a single category though – tufted wall hangings, vases, floor mats, tea lights and trays all create a cosy feel."

Even something simple and textured such as a velvet European pillowcase or cushions can make a world of difference to any bedroom.

Bring the outdoors in.

This trend shows no sign of expiring, and for good reason.

Planters, pots and plant hangers filled with luscious greenery will keep that earthy ambiance thriving.  

Create small arrangements with native touches, such as dried gum leaves or local flowers in your favourite vases of varying colour, size and shape.

Natural essential oils such as cardamon, ginger, juniper berry, marjoram and rosemary are perfectly warm and inviting too.

Add a few drops to your diffuser or oil burner to alleviate both mental and physical stress for you and your family – furry friends included. Doing so will make your time at home a real treat.

In living colour.

Don't shy away from adorning your home with rich colours and textural pieces in deep hues of olive, rhubarb, rust, chai and terracotta – these are sure to set the tone for a space bursting with mood.

"Earthy tones are always easy on the eye and make us feel instantly welcome", says Therese.

"A bed becomes more inviting when covered in deeper hues such as rust, making it ideal for weekends, sleep-ins and naps."

Something this long-time interior designer firmly believes: there are simply no rules when it comes to textiles in your home.

Therese encourages us to combine layers of linens with stillwater-green, mauve, bronze and rhubarb with natural-coloured textiles.

"Mix them up with velvets in both blush and cabernet. Introduce splashes of greenery too, not only with textiles but also with flowers and foliage to complement earthy ceramics."

Either way, making yourself as comfortable as possible during the cooler months helps to make increased time indoors a well-deserved place of retreat.

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