The one thing that makes a sofa set truly complete is an equally appealing and comfy pillow. Whether you want to lean on them or hug them tight, pillows are an absolute essential. 

Linen House has an extensive range of the most luxurious Essentials pillowcases on offer. Boasting a simple yet scintillating design, our Essentials pillow cases can perfectly complement all your home décor. 

The Exceed pillow case range has many shapes and sizes to offer. Select the favourite U-shaped pillowcase for customised comfort or the specialised King and Queen pillowcases for perfect plushness. Protect your pillowcases with our thin but highly protective pillow protectors. 

Linen House Exceed Essentials pillow cases are soft-to-touch and fit perfectly with pillows that are also available here. Our pillows are filled with durable fibre that’s soft and comfortable. 

Define your home’s décor and lifestyle with our essential pillowcases and give yourself the prestige you deserve.

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