Tea Towels

Tea Towels

There's nothing like a memorable set of tea towels to add a dash of charm, fun and colour to your much loved kitchen.

 Luckily, our designers here at Linen House, have come up with a range of top quality and attractive tea towels, covering all the bases from cute and artsy, to classic and sophisticated. We've even thrown in a Christmas-themed set, we just couldn't resist!

Taking its inspiration from the sun-soaked Mediterranean sea, our delightful two-piece Sardinella tea towel set charms with an eye-catching fish print and a cute squiggle design for some extra frivolty in your kitchen. If it takes your fancy, head over to take a look at its fantastic matching apron.


Our Chandler 2-piece set - available in an attractive blue or fresh green - hits the spot for quality, practicality and looks. With printed stripes giving off an easy kitchen style, they can be handily bundled with their matching oven gloves, pot holders and placemats.


 For a hassle-free shopping experience, we give you the convenience of receiving fast and reliable shipping that we offer for our entire collection of tea towels and across our whole range at Linen House.

Simply place your order before 1pm and our team will send out your purchase on the very same day.

To find out more about the entire collection of tea towels online, get in contact with us today. Whether it be online, in store or over the phone, we are here to help you choose the best tea towels and accessories for your bathroom and home.