Your Guide To The Perfect Tablecloth Size

Your Guide To The Perfect Tablecloth Size

Julia Canella | Home | 10 June 2023

Let's talk dining tables. Are they not everything in the home?

Whether you're planning to dazzle guests for your next culinary soirée or merely seeking table armour, knowing what tablecloth size is best for your table helps to nail your aesthetic.

It's all in the planning

There are two considerations when choosing a tablecloth specifically for your table.

First one is the drop, which helps to establish what aesthetic you're going for.

The second, is measuring the size and shape of your table.

The drop

This refers to the distance from your tabletop to the bottom of your tablecloth linen.

The length of the drop can either call for some noteworthy extravagance or something a little less dramatic – the choice is yours.

Consider these three drop styles before measuring and deciding the statement you're planning to make.

The half drop: for a casual style, we recommend your tablecloth drops evenly around the table, anywhere between 25cm to 30cm.

The full drop: for some extra pizzazz, we recommend your tablecloth drops down all the way to the floor, which can measure anywhere between 40cm to 75cm

The puddle drop: for an enormously lavish, Rococo-style vibe, arrange your tablecloth well beyond the full drop length to create a puddle effect on the floor. Marie Antoinette may or may not turn up.

A puddle drop tip: choose one size larger (or more) than the full drop size.

Rectangle, square or circle?

How does your table measure?

Rectangle: measure the length and width and add twice the desired drop to each dimension.

For example, a table measuring 100cm in width and 215cm in length with a desired drop of 30cm should be: width: 100cm + 30cm + 30cm = 160cm and length: 215cm + 30cm + 30cm = 175cm

Shop for: tablecloths around 160cm x 275cm in size.

Round and square: the advice applies to both shapes.

For example, a round table measuring 160cm in diameter with a desired drop of 30cm should be: 160cm + 30cm + 30cm = 220cm

Shop for: tablecloths around 220cm in size.

A square table measuring 50cm in length with a desired drop of 40cm should be: 50cm + 40cm + 40cm = 130cm

Shop for: tablecloths around 220cm x 220cm in size.

See here for some table dining inspiration – a little something we created at our AW20 shoot that you can too.

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