How Often Should You Replace Your Pillow?

How Often Should You Replace Your Pillow?

Knowledge Base | 12 November 2019

Has it been years ... decades even?

So long, you don't even remember when or where you purchased it?

If you can't recall when you last experienced new pillow bliss, it's fair to say you really need to make your move.

You may not realise it, but your pillow has a lifespan. In fact, it has a used-by date, and over time, your pillow hoards skin cells, body oils, moisture and mould.

And if that's not enough, each attracts those menacing things that makes us recoil when under microscopic view.

Yes, we're talking dust mites – those hideous bugbears are not only a source of a poor night's sleep, but will also disrupt your pillow's support mechanism, upping the tension in your neck, shoulders and back.

This leads to headaches, leg pains, allergies and sleep deprivation becoming your unwelcome best mates for eight hours a night.

Signs you need a new pillow.

    • Complete the 30-second fold test. Simply fold your pillow in half, place a lightweight object over the top and observe if your pillow releases, and, if your object glides off without hesitation. If it does, your pillow's safe. If not, send it to your pet's sleep station, pronto.
    • Does your pillow retain a 'lil bit of a stinky, stanky odour that seems to hang around even after airing or laundering? Let it go.
    • If the colour has faded or it's covered in unsightly yellow stains, fair to say it's had its day.
    • When your allergy or asthma symptoms seemingly increase, this is a sure sign you need a hygienic replacement.
    • If you're stirring relentlessly and shoving it around all night to get it into a desirable shape, your pillow has lost its will.

How to protect your pillow.

Cover it up. Shut out all the bad stuff from infiltrating with a nice, new pillowcase or cover.

By using standard and European pillow covers with a great zip, you'll enjoy that new pillow feel for longer, and you can regularly wash them to keep unwelcome inhabitants away.

Should I wash my pillows?

Yes! Wash, or at least air your pillows regularly.

If yours is washable, observe the care instructions provided and take it from there.

If not washable and suitable to – as your pillow type is dependable – remove its cover and air it out weekly.

A few hours of sun exposure will do wonders, with the sun being a natural and cost-free disinfectant. Plus, the scent of fresh air? Nothing better to sink your sleepy head into.

An easy guide for replacing your pillow.

By observing the average lifespan of your pillow type, your sleep will improve dramatically.

Refer below to our handy infographic – is it time to replace yours?

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