Quilt Cover Sets

Quilt Cover Sets

Summer 2022-23

Summer invites us to revel in our surrounds with innumerable ways to interpret our home aesthetic with newfound liberty.

Permeating this collection are designs that draw upon our globetrotting desires with a sensibility towards our intimate relationship with land, helping us to observe just how precious it is - wherever this may be.

Along with newly imagined botanicals, joyous in colour, vitality and form, our design team pays particular attention to honouring the summer getaway, through themes such as the ocean, spectacular sunsets and tropical settings, each leaving us spellbound with a cocktail of pure, mineral-like palettes and fabrications to create depth, tranquillity and texture.

The creative team acknowledges our return to creating memories through celebration. Delight in festive, summer-inspired palettes as well as large-scale patterns, be it checks, grids or stripes across a range of bedding and accessories. The use of pure linen, cotton voile and tufted or waffled cotton, complemented by mainstays cotton sateen and velvet keep the overall aesthetic perfectly refined.

A sense of freedom and enthusiasm heralds the start of each new spring, and this collection is yours to interpret in any style you wish - allowing your creativity to bring joy into your life.

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