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December 2021: Natasha H.

"About 5 years ago, I bought a set of Linen House Bamboo Sheets. And every week, I would wash them, wait for them to dry, and put them straight back on my bed. That is how much I loved these sheets. I must admit, I did try 2 other brands of Bamboo sheets, but nothing came close to my beloved Linen House Sheets. Needless to say, over time, they got thinner and thinner from the weekly washing, and I eventually decided to treat myself to a new set of Bamboo Sheets.
They arrived in 2 and a half weeks, which I was happy with, considering COVID and it being December. They arrived in their very own button up bag, in the same material. I was so excited and couldn't wait to wash them and go to bed that night.
The colour was exactly as described online.
I was fortunate enough to receive a Birthday Voucher, which I used, even though I do remember them being much more expensive 5 years ago.
But I must admit, I was slightly disappointed when I climbed into bed that night. Yes, they had a silky feel, but they just weren't as soft and embracing as my good ol faithfuls. Hopefully in time, after a few more washes, they will loosen up and I won't be left pining for my beloved (holey) old set."

Review on: Nara Silver Bamboo Cotton 400TC Sheet Set

November 2021: Annalise B.

"Best! Cushion! Ever!

I stayed at an airbnb recently and they had the most gorgeous styled interior, so I looked at the tags on many of the pieces and saw they were from Linen House, and immediately hopped onto the website because I NEEDED to have some of these products!!
First of all, I would just like to say I am so impressed by how fast the delivery was. Ordered, dispatched, and delivered within 1 week!! It was packaged really nicely too.
Second, this cushion is such a gorgeous colour, the exact colour I was looking for, and the material of the cushion cover is SO SOFT, it is a really good quality velvet style. The cushion insert is also good quality, not too hard and not too soft, just the perfect squishiness!
A really great store to buy from, I definitely recommend this product and others, and I will definitely be purchasing from here again because the fabulous quality and service they deliver!"

Review on: Sylvie Taupe Cushion 50x50cm

October 2021: Dwayne S.

"Impressed with quality!

This was our first purchase from Linen House online.
We are very happy with the quality and quick service given by you guys! Our biggest surprise was they were not in plastic packaging, but in a cotton bag. A perfect way to store the spare sheet when not in use. A great intuitive, also great for the environment.
Well done. We'll definitely purchase from Linen House in the future."

Review on: 300TC Cotton Percale Fitted Sheet 40cm

September 2021: Vanessa R.

"Comfy and sophisticated.

I absolutely love my Selma Black Cushion. It matches my Selma Black Throw perfectly and I have both of them on my sofa.
It's comfortable to use when sitting or lying down and enhances my living area with its sophisticated design. Just like the Throw, it doesn't shed, like those of so many other brands, so I'm able to leave it safely there when I'm not around knowing my dog won't pull out the fibres.
Thank you Linen House xx"

Review on: Selma Black Cushion 50x50cm

August 2021: Carly G.

"An absolute mood lifter in pastel orange.

Fabric is breathable, and softening more and more by the wear (true the nature of genuine linen). Had planned to wear exclusively as pj's but the versatile and effortless cut means I'll be rocking this jeans and shorts come Spring. Highly recommend!"

Review on: Nimes Terracotta Linen Shirt

July 2021: Donna S.

"Fantastic service, quality and value for money!!

This is my second pair of Flannelette sheets from Linen House. They are soft, wash extremely well and keep their shape. Excellent quality material. Very true to colour in photos. Best of all they do not pill or leave fluff everywhere!! Ordered online and they were delivered 3 days later as promised. Will never buy my sheets anywhere else now. Great value for money."

Review on: Landyn Smoke Flannelette Sheet Set